Message from the Owner

I am a Latina born in Puerto Rico. Since I can remember, I’ve always had an interest in fashion, jewelry and entrepreneurship. In high school, I started my first business called Zailiz Collections. I was selling jewelry, pencils, pens, hair accessories, socks and bags. That passion at an early age drove me to learn new things and pushed me to gain greater knowledge about business. For that reason, I decided to change my career from Science to Business. For a few years I put my business in paused cause I was so focus on my Professional Career and my Master Degree that I did not had the time to dedicate to my business.

In 2016, I felt so drained in my job and started struggling with depression... so, I decided to resume my business because it was something that made me very happy and I regretted having put it on hold. I made it online and also changed the name to Hello Luxy.  During my process, one of the things that made me feel like myself again was launching Hello Luxy at the end of 2017. 

Like any other story, the recovery process was not easy. At first, I struggled because the shop was a reflection of how I felt at that time. But once I got back to who I was, the magic began and I decided to do a rebrand. To me, the name means: "Welcome back Babe" to what you love. The fonts of the brand are feminine and elegant. The pastel colors of the brand evoke openness relaxation, sanity, peaceful and softness; because that is how I would like you to feel.

My goal is to create trendy and fine pieces that can last for many years and leave it to future generations. Like I said: “Bad times are temporary, but the good times are endless.” That is the reason why I wanted to have high quality jewelry without breaking the bank, as part of my brand.

I want to encourage every women to always look at themselves in the mirror and say: "I am strong and I am the most luxurious piece of my whole look" and of course, jewelry is always the best ally to make us feel powerful.

I hope to put a smile on everyone face when receives their package and continues to enjoy those pieces every time they put them on. 

PS: Never put on Hold your dreams!

Thanks so much for reading our story.

With lots of Love,

Litzy, Founder of Hello Luxy