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No Dirty Anfouling Tshirt:
The fabric adopts nanotechnology, anti-oil adhesion and penetration, milk cola coffee tomato sauce, etc.
Comfortable, lightweight and breathable
Waterproof trunk, cool and soft
Minimalist design concept, return to the original beauty
Shopping, gatherings, workplaces are all suitable for wearing


  • Most liquid and beverage experiments that are common in life prove to be effective against such as milk cola coffee tomato sauce, etc.
  • This short sleeve is made of waterproof nano-tech fabric, special material, unparalleled breathable and quick-drying, waterproof and anti-fouling performance, and redefining comfort.
  • The fabric is made of breathable waterproof fabric, which is more comfortable and breathable. The material is solid and durable, keeping the body comfortable and cool.
  • Waterproof, not afraid of wet. The new super-textile fabric is made of polymer waterproof and breathable material and cloth, which is strong and waterproof, and effectively resists staining and staining clothes such as wine juice.
  • Strong anti-fouling, not afraid of oil. The hydrophobic nano-process prevents the composite penetration of oil stains, sauces, soups, etc., and avoids soiling clothes.

About Size:

1. This Shirt may runs 1 size small. We recommend to order in a bigger size. For example: If you normally wear Medium Size, you can order it in Large Size.

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